Nickname: Blond Bunny
Personality: Strong, determined, and energetic.
Likes: Volleyball, rock climbing, and blogging
Dislikes: Manicures, rain, and silly arguments.
Motto You can do anything if you put your heart into it!

Avery is a main character, being produced in every recent doll line, although some lines do not include Avery, like Friends and Twins.

Website describsion

Strong, determined, and energetic, Avery believes anyone can do anything if they put their heart in it and really go for it.

Avery is captain of her volleyball team, head of the rock climbing club, and spends her weekends, skateboarding, snowboarding, biking and updating her blog.

Avery is super busy but always has time for her friends!

New Website Describtion

She is super-smart and driven, and likes to get everything right. She has held just about every position on the student council all the while being captain to the various sports teams. She's athletic and competitive - constantly training for something.


Avery has appered in every line.


Neve- Her little sister

Dash- Her Dog

Catfish- Appered in Bubble Bath Surprise

Moxie Pics

Her Catfish appers