Nickname: Kooky Kitten
Personality: Playful, silly, and creative
Likes: Movies, dancing, and making people laugh
Dislikes: Being on a schedule and pop quizzes
Motto Be yourself, no matter what!

Lexa is one of the main girlz. She has black hair, green eyes and pale skin tone.

Website Describsion

Playful, silly, and creative, Lexa thinks life is meant to be fun, which means being yourself no matter what!

Lexa dreams of being a film director one day, and she has a really great sense of humor. She loves to go to cool movies, visit art museums, and perform "slam" poetry. She also loves to dance, dance, dance!

Lexa's friends absolutely love her because she can make them laugh even on a bad day!

New Website Describtion

She's a jokester who loves movies, pop-culture and is definitely overly-dramatic (life is a stage to her). She's very expressive and flips emotions quickly but she's very supportive of her friends and always raises their spirits with her antics.