Poopsy Pets
Poopsy Petz
Dolls in the Line: Avery, Lexa, Kellan
Year Created: 2013
Exclusive?: No
Props Included?: Yes
Props? (If yes) Pets, pet food, leash.

Poopsy Pets is a line created in Spring 2013. Poopsy Pets also has an app availiable for iPhone and iPad, and a second line with the same characters, only different pets.

About The Line Edit

Moxie Girlz™ Poopsy Pets are cute—and just like magic, they have silly poop! Doll can really sit and stand on her own, no doll stand required!


  • Avery with a koala that eats rubies.
  • Lexa with a bunny that eats glitter.
  • Kellan with a unicorn that eats rainbows.