Nickname: Hershey Bar
Personality: Warm, thoughtful, and caring
Likes: Song-writing, traveling, and camping
Dislikes: Text messages, bugs, and bad manners
Motto Anyone can make a difference if they really want to.

Sophina is one of the main characters in the club.

Website Describtion

Warm, thoughtful, and caring, Sophina is always thinking about the world around her. She believes anyone can make a difference if they really want to.

Sophina dreams of being a famous songwriter one day. She has a great memory and is very imaginative. She loves to travel, camp and hike and then write stories & songs about her adventures!

Sophina's friends love her because she is a great listener, and she's always there when you need her.

New Website Describtion

She loves nature, animals and the world. She's a writer and feels she can use words to shape the world! She recycles and feels going "green" is especially important in this community where they don't even recognize the color green. She's about doing the right thing and spends time doing things to help others. She can be sarcastic which her friends don't always understand.


Tan skin tone, brown hair. Brown eyes. Similar to Yasmin in Bratz.